Our experience lies on both sides of the table.  Our leadership has been client side, and our creative team has deep experience in almost every vertical industry.

We started Volant out of a need to do great work for clients and follow through on that. Work hard and be nice to people will always be our priority.  A nod to the history of Dayton and its incredible community led us to name our studio after flight.

Our Partners

Sometimes, the best solutions involve pulling in a partner to help take your business to the next level. Our partners help us deliver clear and complex solutions to maximize results.

At Lion + Panda, we focus on implementing and executing entire marketing systems for businesses looking to tie it all together. Elevate your campaigns beyond one-off projects into a symphony of success.

After working with financial advisors for years, we understand the complexities and options available to you. We know the tools and resources you need to evolve your business, retain clients in the transition, and grow to new levels of success.

The Craft Impact Inbound Marketing Methodology is a modern approach to marketing and sales that implements quality content geared towards your ideal clients.

Get clear with your messaging. M.Path PR helps businesses find their truth, speak their truth and sell their truth, crafting complex messaging and sales strategies that define the funnel and inform the positioning and promotion tactics.


We utilize a small team of dedicated contractors. Hand picked to meet client and project needs.

Chris Beach

Co-Founder, Design Director
(937) 304-9957

J. Stanton

Co-Founder, Sales Director
‭(937) 878-7700‬

Sasha Squibb


R. Reynolds

Webflow Developer